Monday, March 11, 2013

The Green Drink

Last summer, one of my very best friends was getting married at home in Helsinki, so M and I decided to make the most out of our trip to the Nordic region by visiting some of my lovely relatives in Sweden (as one of said lovely relatives is Swedish). We arrived in Malmo in mid-July, happy as ever to be greeted by cool air, gray skies, and a bit of rain.  By the time we finished our first round of fresh coffee, flatbreads with jam, and cheese, balmy Washington was but a distant memory.

My cousins, with whom we were staying, were amazing hosts and delighted us with bike rides across the city, hikes in the countryside, wild flowers, and impromptu picnics. Evenings were spent around the picnic table wrapped up in blankets, chatting about travel, adventures, health, and good food. It was in one of these conversations that my cousin Gunilla introduced us to a player that has joined us for breakfast almost five days a week since that very day: the green drink.

We were skeptical at first: a few handfuls of kale/ spinach, juice, apples, bananas, and chia seeds right into the blender. Healthy, yes; but did it taste good? My cousin made it for us the next morning and from that moment on we were believers. It was delicious! And sure enough that kryptonite-coloured beverage became one of our favorite souvenirs from the trip.

M and I both swear that the green drink, with all the vitamins and antioxidants, keeps us healthy even at our most busy, run down moments.  We play with the ingredients from time to time-- mango purée here, a couple of oranges there, and a bit of ginger and flax seed oil-- but always have at least two fistfuls of greens (preferably kale, but spinach works, too) and 1-2 bananas for the consistency.

Try it-- go green! And let us know your favourite combination.


  1. Still having trouble wrapping my head around drinking KALE. But hey, it sure must be healthy, and it sure seems to work, as evidenced by your cousin's. I'll give it a try....maybe after a Guiness first.

  2. Ok, Mark sent me over and we all know those tugboat guys are a tough bunch. I look forward to reading your posts and maybe learning a few good recipes that are relatively easy to make. Where is the "follow" button?

  3. Hi Denise. Thanks for reading! We added a follow button on the right. Thanks so much!