Monday, August 5, 2013

Off-Registry Wedding Gifts

Close friends, amateur body sculptors, and DC power couple Martine and Ethan wrapped Paris up in bow last week, hosting us in the City of Lights as an early best wedding gift.  

It’s hard to thank them in words, so I’ll defer to an array of close-ups, drunk shots, compromising poses and food porn to do the job.  To Martine and Ethan - Viva Les Schroumpfts!

As always, picnics make people smile and dance and sing songs…


…vin makes them do all of these wonderful things…

Birds ballet overhead; vanilla skies glow through a ferris wheel; the Eiffel T looks more amazing than normal; and a street performer takes his ovation upstairs.
Parting shots: on the Seine; the art of the Creperie; artist Raphael Reza Narimani; and the eight-year old in Erin re-discovering crepes.
 Thanks guys / Au revoir Paris…

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