Monday, April 29, 2013

La Dolce Vita

When I told E I was in love with someone else, she couldn’t have been more supportive.  That’s because she was too.  Worse yet, it was the same person.   


Our strange and exotic relationship with the proprietor of Café Calce in Ravello easily vaults into the top-three of the Amalfi-half of our trip.  We essentially had a torrid affair with him and his pastries for the 4 days we were there—sometimes twice a day ;) – and he always delivered.

A few highlights:

This little pine nut surprise he pulled from his bag of tricks is serendipitously framed by the cloud that enveloped Ravello's center square.  Delicate, awesome.

Crème-filled crawler, unreal texture and contrast.

Until the wind blew it on me and ruined my day.

Erin’s fave – a crème-filled coffee eclair we brought back late-night. 


And a few other master strokes, including my late-night tryst with a chocolate/creme cookie sandwich.

Old man, we love you...

but don't tell them...


  1. Erin always looks awesome when holding desert.

  2. Erin, You are definitely a chip off the "old" block... A beautiful, obviously talented chip. Don't stop.